Tuesday, December 13, 2011



I can't seem to get enough of Jonathan Adler's designs- the bold prints, bright colors, and unexpected animal shapes bring such a fun element to potentially stuffy housewares. Though overall not a brand for the faint of heart, the ubiquitous collections (Adler even partnered with Barnes and Nobles for a range of office supplies) guarantee something for everyone. My favorite piece is the elephant salt and pepper shakers- I love those little porcelain gems!

Squirrel Match Strike, $38
Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers, $48
 Throw Blanket Zig Zag Grey, $295
Bargello Jamaica Lane Pillow by Jonathan Adler, $110
'Mr. & Mrs. Muse' Bottle Stoppers, $48
Acapulco Candle, $28
Whale Butter Dish, $68
Elephant Bowl, $88
On the Go Coffee Mug, $14
Menorah, $165
Utopia Cowboy Candleholders, $48
iPhone 4 & 4S Case, $28
Links Photo Book, $10


  1. Great Post! I literally want all of those things

  2. I like that PILLOW .. $110 you say? That thing better be scented and double as a coffee holder or beer dispenser.

    Money grubbing aside, funky design. I enjoy.